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I guess this is goodbye. [Apr. 17th, 2011|11:35 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Due to spambots, inactivity, and most of my friends being purged, gone, or being available on IM anyway, I think I'm leaving. The best I can promise is that I might peek once in a while, and maybe upload a few pictures from time to time. Otherwise, the in-crowd is elsewhere, and I believe I'll benefit more by being elsewhere, too.

If you have Facebook or Twitter or Multiply, feel free to bug me there. Multiply is where I usually hang out now, too, when Facebook's uploading feature becomes uncooperative. I think I have cross-posted here from the latter two, anyway.


Thank you, and hope to see you there. Thanks LJ. It's been a wonderful seven years.

Feb 3 2011 [Feb. 2nd, 2011|11:23 am]
Happy Rabbit Year, everyone.

Still on the lookout for that new job. I think I've finally struck gold, with a string of interviews and exams these past two weeks. I feel that I just need to iron things out on Friday.

I really should have made a review and update on my life's status on the Jan 1 new year, but a lot of things got in the way. Most of the cool kids are now on Facebook too. I feel that now is an appropriate time to play catch-up. though.

Have a great rest of the week, and happy new year once again!

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It's that time of year 12/24 [Dec. 24th, 2010|09:21 am]
I've a lot on my plate for the coming year. It's the prospect of a new job mainly. I opted not to go home to Davao City, so I'd be first in line for new year's job offers in Luzon.

It sucks. I wanted to see my parents again (thankfully I did via their trips here over the past 3 months), and I wanted to attend my old friend's wedding. But, I think this is a necessary sacrifice. It's time to put that professional license to use.

Oh yeah.It's definitely that time of year. It was my little cousin's birthday today, and yeah... There's going to be a lot of eating between now and January 2nd.

Eat and drink in moderation, or at least work it off as soon as you can. Enjoy the holidays!

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11.17 you don't even know [Nov. 16th, 2010|11:10 pm]
I honestly, truthfully don't get it.

Apparently some of ghetto-ass-ghettos on this street have started calling me "Harry Potter*" when my back is turned. I thought they were calling me "magbobote" (bottle man, or someone who takes away glass and plastic refuse for recycling). But then, I listened more closely. They're trying this as an insult, for whatever reason. I blame this on me still looking like a 16-year old (somehow).

Potter? It's the story of a orphan who led a very difficult life, and had to make peace with his destiny. It's the story of the pure of heart and courageous. It's about standing up to evil, and the power of compassion, and a stern warning against greed and dictatorship. Hasty endings and a few deus-ex's aside, it's wonderful introductory teen literature. He made his author and her associates filthy rich.

Aside from the shipping insanity and a certain fraction of the fandom (and pretty much every big title does that), I see no downsides to being called this. 

How are they trying to pass this off as a genuine slur? The only thing really grating about it is how repetitive it is. At any rate, my gramps said it's probably frats or street trash. He said, "Walking on by, and ignoring would be the best. They've really nothing else to do in life, so they try instigating things."


More importantly, what are jobless, worthless people in the society hoping to gain from this? They're insulting those of us who've earned a degree, looking for jobs, and trying to lead lives and feeding our families.

It's some sort of bizarre, twisted jealousy if nothing else.


*Speaking of whom, I'm so very hyped for the movie this weekend!

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11.15 boxing [Nov. 16th, 2010|10:43 pm]
My grandfather and his friend came over last Sunday. They watched the Pacquiao boxing bout while drunk.

It's amazing sight. They shadow-boxed and cheered with each jab.
Our househelp cringed and almost cried when Pac was on the ropes. Everyone cheered when Pac was on the verge of a win.

My gramps' friend then claimed that it was his shadow-boxing that gave Pac a boost. And this was when he really doubted at first, and thought Margarito would win by sheer size and reach advantage. (I guess he didn't see the De la Hoya and Clottey fights.) Remember when Goku asked the earthlings to raise their hands to the sky and lend him their power to magnify the Spirit Ball? I guess he was thinking along those lines.

Of course, with all great victories and successes, come awful and embarrassing things in return. Last year, it was this. This year, it's this.

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dat Naruto chapter...wasn't really necessary. [Oct. 19th, 2010|01:48 am]
Just a couple of days removed from my first SF4 tournament. Went 0-2 and out, but oh well. It was Manila's finest, and I had little time to prepare. It was also Super, and as such didn't know the match-ups. (I still play at the arcades for most part.) At any rate, I did get a few wins here and there in casuals, so there's definitely room for improvement. I'm sure to stick to Honda/Chun-Li though, even until the new SSF4 upgrade. Learning other characters can wait.

I'd add so much more (about this tourney, the fact that the rest of my family are on vacation, and that hilarious neckbeard I met while playing KOF XIII), but I can't think straight due to the titular manga chapter.



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Digimon [Oct. 3rd, 2010|02:33 am]
Been watching a lot of Digimon with my sister lately. It's an enjoyable show, and its time slot on local cable is convenient. We've watched Adventures (and the first movie) and Tamers so far.

I got an Eva vibe, especially from the music of Adventures/endboss of Tamers.

Come to think of it, Digimon is like a kiddy Eva. A buncha kids are brought together and use monsters to save the world from strife, and other monsters. Only the kids are less crazy (younger and less emo), and I feel it's way more enjoyable. Thanks Grymrosso.


Now, I hope the games get better somehow. I''ve been told it's similar to the Marvel/DC dichotomy: the Digimon shows/movies are good but the games are so-so at best... and the reverse is true for Pokemon.

Oh well. I hope there's a good Digimon manga out there. I just read most of Pokemon Special, and it's pretty good.

In closing, I leave with these amusing bits from Tamers.

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09/09 I made it. [Sep. 12th, 2010|09:40 pm]
I made it. I made it! I still can't believe it.

A year of learning from the shortcomings of the previous year... it's paid off. Now, on to a better job hopefully. I still have a month to rest, at least.

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July 25 There are really no words [Jul. 25th, 2010|08:32 am]
I'm late, but I can't help it. It was a busy day.

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July 22, fighting game tragicomedy [Jul. 21st, 2010|08:39 pm]
So, I saw this ad in the newspaper the other day.

I kept refusing to believe this was real when scans of it first hit the internet. I should have learned from that Chun movie, huh?

I saw the trailer Last May, when I accompanied my sister and cousins to Shrek 4. The little kids were like, "Wow Tekken!" and the teens and the adults were like, "Uhhhhhhhh" and shook their heads out of disbelief. How appropriate, I thought.

TV Tropes had this helpful insight on the Tekken movie:

was released on 100+ screens in Japan on March 20 of 2010, and made less than the equivalent of $7,000 US over the week ending at March 27. That's not just a flop, it's likely a boycott. Due to this, the film, which cost $35 million to make, is being released straight to DVD in America.

Judging from all the b-movies we get every year, it seems that quite a few direct-to-DVD flicks make their way to the big screen here. I thought the Tekken movie would just fade away like the KOF movie (which, mercifully, hasn't had any updates to its official Facebook in months). Of course, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Oh well. This country is full of kids and Tekken is practically the national fighting game. If there's any place that this impending disaster can make a few bucks, it would be here. Then again, it could just be exposing people en masse to yet another horrible adaptation.

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